Medication Management

When is a Caregiver Necessary?

As older adults age, it is hard to come to terms with the feeling of loss when it comes to your independence. Sometimes you...
2 min read

4 Major Differences Between Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living

Choosing the right living environment for yourself or a loved one can be hard. Because there are so many facility types, costs, locations, and...
liz ramirez
1 min read

How to Find Prescription Discounts

As we get older, our bodies go through many new changes. Sometimes, the conditions associated with aging can require medication, and unfortunately, these medications...
Lauren Beaubien
1 min read

Managing Medications

Dealing with multiple medications a day is a common problem for older adults and their caregivers, especially since nearly 40% of older adults take...
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Reducing Home Medication Errors In Seniors

Reduce Home Medication Errors Watching your parents grow old is at times a difficult experience. An increase in hospital admissions comes an inevitable increase...
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